Testing the MOCA-Peds System

By Trevor Fleck, MPA

The ABP is in the home stretch for the 2017 MOCA-Peds pilot, scheduled to launch on Monday, January 9. One of the final steps in our preparation has been testing the MOCA-Peds system platform – the way questions will be delivered on laptops and mobile devices. In September, the ABP invited more than 280 diplomates to help us test how well the MOCA-Peds system works and how easy it is to use.

Through the end of November, these diplomate testers will help us identify any MOCA-Peds technical issues to ensure an intuitive, user-friendly experience for diplomates participating in the MOCA-Peds pilot.

To test the system, the ABP’s IT staff created an environment that would be as similar to the 2017 pilot as possible. Our testers are answering questions, receiving notifications (such as how much time is left to answer questions, or when new questions are available) and offering feedback on how the system works and how we can improve it.

In response to feedback received so far, we've made several modifications. For example, we've changed some of the colors and contrasts to make the information easier to see. We've also implemented notifications at various stages, improved the question history layout and sorting function, and clarified some of the "Help & Policies" information.  A separate “logout” button will also be added so diplomates can be sure their account is secure.

In the coming weeks the ABP will launch the MOCA-Peds mobile app and our diplomate testers will have an opportunity to navigate the system on their mobile devices.

With so much positive feedback from the system test participants, our team is eagerly anticipating the pilot launch in January. More than 75 percent of diplomates—5,200 individuals--who were eligible for the 2017 MOCA-Peds pilot have enrolled. 

In the coming weeks, diplomates are encouraged to review our MOCA-Peds website where we will be releasing updated FAQs, finalized learning objectives, sample questions, and a video tutorial of the MOCA-Peds system.

About the Author

Trevor Fleck, MPA, is the MOCA-Peds Program Manager at the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). With a background in project management and process improvement, he oversees the design, planning, implementation, and ongoing management of the MOCA-Peds program. Prior to joining the ABP, Trevor has worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs, USAID, and the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program.