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Jan 4 17
By Linda A. Althouse, PhD During the design of MOCA-Peds we spent a considerable amount of time and effort discussing security. After all, the plan...
Nov 18 16
The ABP is in the home stretch for the 2017 MOCA-Peds pilot, scheduled to launch on Monday, January 9.
Sep 15 16
Vanessa G. Carroll, MD reflects on her participation in the ABP's new testing pilot focus groups.
Aug 1 16
The ABP has been working with an independent research institution, RTI International, to reach out to pediatricians and elicit their feedback.
Jul 11 16
MOCA-Peds task force has been charged with developing questions, finding references, & writing educational rationales for use in the pilot.
Jun 20 16
The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) continuously engages in thorough reviews of its many content outlines—also known as the blueprints—that define what content will be...
Jun 6 16
We are on track to start that MOCA-Peds pilot in January 2017 for pediatricians who are maintaining certification in general pediatrics.
Jun 6 16
The MOCA-Peds pilot will release to diplomates a series of questions at regular intervals, conveniently delivered through their mobile devices or a web browser.
May 9 16
*/ By Laurel Leslie, MD, MPH Pediatricians are in a unique position to prevent, identify, and treat mental and behavioral problems in children and to...
Jul 24 15
For some time now, the ABP has been working on improvements to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) that will make the activities more relevant and better...
Jun 30 15
In my last blog entry, I addressed the intense debate about certification -- particularly the requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). I outlined commitments from...
Feb 25 15
The ABP’s Mission and the Current Discussion on MOC The current intense debate about the meaning of certification is important and healthy for the profession...